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Mission Statement

To encourage tree preservation and maintenance for the benefit and enjoyment of the customer and community by educating and providing experienced, quality arboriculture services at competitive prices. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Benefits to Tree Preservation

Trees play a vital role on our planet.  They give us the air we breathe, keep our climate cool and our air clean.  Protection and care for this vital resource is everyone’s responsibility.

Trees add value, comfort and beauty to our property.  Mature, well maintained trees within the landscape improve “curb appeal” and therefore improve property value by as much as 15%   Family gatherings are enhanced by the shade provided by the Chinese Elm in the backyard.  Our children enjoy the swing in the front yard supported by the majestic California Live Oak.   Trees provide natural protection during the summer months cooling our homes reducing our monthly energy bills by as much as 30% depending on their location.  Trees absorb carbon dioxide reducing our pollutant intake. Tree lined commercial streets are charming and attract 10% more patrons than those without trees.  Trees provide privacy between neighboring properties aesthetically pleasing. Visitors are welcomed by the Maple and Liquidambar trees framing the home gradually changing from green to vibrant orange adding texture and warmth during the Fall season. Fruit trees properly pruned add value by offering a free food source and one that can be shared between neighbors encouraging friendly relationships.  

Fortunately or community leaders understand and appreciate the necessity to protect and care for the trees within our cities and have established ordinances and guidelines which educate and insure residents participate and take responsibility for tree preservation. Violation of those ordinances carries heavy fines.

About Us

While trees add value to the property, they must be maintained properly to preserve the health and beauty of the tree and eliminate hazards.

Although your gardener may be willing to handle your tree maintenance needs, a licensed arborist with workers compensation and liability insurance is required to insure you and your property are protected. Tree maintenance work is dangerous and requires skill and experience.

There are many qualified licensed and insured arborists to choose from in the Los Angeles area.  Anderson Tree Experts is well known and have earned an excellent reputation amongst our competitors for 30 years.

Dana Anderson began his career as an arborist in 1975.  He learned the art of proper pruning and safe removals as a climber for several successful tree companies before starting his own company in 1980.

His commitment to customer satisfaction and his appreciation for arbor care built a loyal customer base one tree at a time. Dana continued his education in arboriculture at Citrus College.

His wife Colette teamed up in 1990 assuming responsibility for administrative duties. You can expect a friendly, professional response from her when contacting our office.

Randy Williams joined our family business as a sales representative and foreman in 1998 bringing with him 15 years experience in arboriculture and who shares the belief in our ongoing mission statement. Our customers look forward to doing business with us knowing Randy Williams is on the job assisting the crew and more importantly interfacing with the client as needed.  Clients are confident that Randy’s recommendations regarding tree maintenance are honest and reliable.  As a member of the International Society of Arboriculture ISA and an approved arborist for various cities within the Los Angeles area, we take pride in our knowledge of proper pruning practices and compliance with city and fire ordinances.  Our service affords us the opportunity to share the benefits of our experience and knowledge with our customer allowing them to make proactive decisions when considering their tree maintenance needs.

Our lead climber Daniel Vazquez has been artistically pruning and safely removing trees for Anderson Tree since 1999. Married with three children Daniel is an asset to our team.  

A conscientious ground crew is critical in customer satisfaction.  They play an important role in support to the climber and safety and protection of the client’s property. We appreciate the value of our customer’s property including the surrounding landscape. Jonathan Herrera leads our ground crew and is committed to protecting your structures, plants, flowers and irrigation system.  You can depend on an excellent clean up from our crew.

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